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 MapleStory 4th Anniversary (ver.70) Update Notes

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PostSubject: MapleStory 4th Anniversary (ver.70) Update Notes   Tue May 05, 2009 1:40 pm

MapleStory's 4th Anniversary Update (Ver 0.70), is just around the corner!

Can you believe it's already been four whole years? Thanks to all you loyal Maplers for playing with us. We thank you for your continued support!
We've got lots of fun events for MapleStory's anniversary. Here's what's in store:
(All the following events will run from 5.7.09 - 6.16.09):

  • EXP has been adjusted!!! Can you believe it? It really is true
  • We have adjusted the EXP rate, for our anniversary month. This should help you get to your goal in no time!
  • EXP event for the whole month of May. We will be giving 2x EXP every
    Saturday and Sunday from 1-3 pm (PDT)! With the EXP adjustment, and 2x
    EXP events, this should be a breeze!
  • Special 36 hour 2x EXP event from May 11th, starting at noon till May 12th, midnight! How cool is that?
  • Candle Event. Complete the Candle event and you can win cash items and offline prizes! Keep the candles on for at least 40 minutes. If you can collect four pieces of the birthday cake, you can win a cash item or offline prize!
  • All Gachapon tickets will be on sale for two weeks! Try to score a special CWKPQ boss item!
  • Four Special CWKPQ boss items added in the Gachapon, just in time for our 4th Anniversary!
  • Common Skills for all classes have been edited. Details to come!
  • New Quests Added!

    -A Way to Fight Off Sleep -- Starting NPC - Mike

    -Rightful Donation Culture -- Starting NPC- Tigun the Advisor

    -Revolutionary Defensive Wall Construction Plan -- Starting NPC- Jr. Officer Medin

    -Secret Love Affair with Seal Meat -- Starting NPC - Grandma Yeon

    -Sejan's Good Habit -- Starting NPC - Sejan

    -Jiyoule's Palace Entry Pass -- Starting NPC - Jiyur

    -Dealing with Tigun -- Starting NPC - Jiyur

    -The Tree Cutter's Test -- Starting NPC - Tree Cutter
  • Monster Transformations! Fulfill the dream of becoming a Maple monster, even
    if it's only for a short period of time. Talk to Maple Administrators
    about a magical statue for more details...
Maple Leaves are useful for so many things! Collect Maple Leaves for all of these events:

  • Your special 4th Anniversary weapons for a limited time!
    Go to the Maple Admin NPC to exchange your old 2nd anniversary weapon
    Maple Leaves for a 4th anniversary weapon, Maple Hat, Maple Shield, Maple Earrings, or 4th Anniversary Scroll!
  • Leveling Up Event- Each time you level up, you will receive Maple Leaves! As
    soon as you level up (starting with two), a light bulb icon will appear above your characters head, and you will automatically receive Maple Leaves!
  • Maple 4th Anniversary Scrolls - Cassandra will give you a Maple 4th
    Anniversary scroll if you bring 40 Maple Leaves at 4 pm, 6pm, 8p, and
    10pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays! This is on a first come first serve
    basis, so be the first to get there at that time and day!sunlight, dropped from various monsters. This will be an all server team effort. Gaga will be collecting sunglight from all users in all servers. The more sunlight everyone gives, the bigger the Maple tree will grow. See if you can work as one4th Anniversary Maple Weapon drops! Monsters all over the Maple world will be dropping special anniversary weapons.

  • GM Events! Our GMs are getting into the Anniversary spirit! They will be
    summoning Big Puff Daddy everywhere, but you won't know when, so be on
    the lookout and be prepared!

  • Maple Quiz Are you a MapleStory expert? Can you name all the NPC's and
    Monsters in a matter of seconds? Then take this quiz and find out how
    smart you are with MapleStory! You can score five Maple Leaves for
    every question you get right + a special cake! Better start studying!
And much much more!

More details to come very soon!
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PostSubject: Re: MapleStory 4th Anniversary (ver.70) Update Notes   Tue May 05, 2009 2:41 pm

You will still be able to leech at bf and stuff tho, atleast, leeching hasn't changed so much in kMS. so no worries.

The sun thing is kinda meh tho.

you need like 100k suns and the tree will drop 10 golden leaves(wich you can trade in for 1k leaves iirc) and a crapload of normal leaves.

also the common skill thing is Maple Warrior 30.
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Itz 2khmer


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PostSubject: Re: MapleStory 4th Anniversary (ver.70) Update Notes   Tue May 05, 2009 7:56 pm

EXP ADJUSTMENT!! level time!
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in that case

PostSubject: Re: MapleStory 4th Anniversary (ver.70) Update Notes   Tue May 05, 2009 8:08 pm

how much is the exp getting adjusted by?? *if anyone even knows*
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PostSubject: Re: MapleStory 4th Anniversary (ver.70) Update Notes   

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MapleStory 4th Anniversary (ver.70) Update Notes
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