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Aeons Guild Rules

No Hacking
No Scamming
No Spamming
No KSing
No Profanity
No Racial/Sexual implied languange

Minimum entrance: Level 90

*Members who are absent for more than one month will count as inactives, and therefore subjected for expulsion.  Those who left a reason for absence on this forum (recommended) or on BBS in game will be excluded.

*The invitation to join our guild will be extended to buddies/friends of current members.  All new members will be checked for past hacking/scamming histories.  All members MUST be on rank.

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 Forum Guidelines

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Name : Pauline
IGN : Silmerra
Job : High Priestess
Level : 169
Number of posts : 1333
Registration date : 2007-06-19
Mood : ~MoonLion~

PostSubject: Forum Guidelines   Sat Jul 12, 2008 5:16 pm

Below are general rules that apply to the whole forum. Please read them carefully before posting.

Spamming and/or One Word Reply
Posting for the sake of posting is not allowed. One word replies are not allowed. Saying something that has nothing to do with the topic is considered spam. Saying something that is redundant/next to meaningless [ie: "yea i agree"/"qft"/"iawtc"] is also considered spam. Spamming will result in a WARNING. Replying to an off-topic post will lead you to the same path. Inside jokes are often misread, so be careful while using them. Try to at least bother typing a sentence when replying. A smiley/emote does not count, nor a sentence stating that your post isn't a one word reply, even though it is. The only exception to this is if your reply is done in a non-spammy and helpful manner. Telling someone to search it themselves/google or wiki it is also spam. An alternative is to provide the answer/information, and let the requester know that [s]he could have found the information by searching more diligently.

Double Post
You will be warned for posting twice in a row as long as the edit button is available. There are exceptions, such as an update on a thread which requires you to bump for an update, even though you were the last one to post. If it is accidental (as in you post the same message twice in a row, right after each other), you most likely will not be warned.

Improper Post Location
Your thread may be moved if it would make more sense being posted in another section. If you are constantly posting topics in the wrong section, you will receive a warning.

Flaming is a big word. Depending on the moderator, you may be warned for joking about someone to openly assaulting them. The range is so large that it cannot be explained. Flaming includes but not limited to : name-calling, foul language directed at a user, verbally attacking or disrespect. Flaming is when you attack someone by calling them a name, or being extremely disrespectful. Trolling is when you are purposely running around being rude and unhelpful. Flame-baiting is purposely starting a flamewar or a post that will most likely start a flamewar. Any form of these three will result in a WARNING or TEMP BAN. This forum was not made for you to practice being a critic. Trolling is very similar to flaming in the sense that it ranges from trying to be funny but failing, to being a full grown troll. This applies to any type of contact [posts, constant harassing PMs, defames, etc].

Drama Llama
Somewhat similar to drama, please do not purposely try to cause trouble/drama. You will receive a WARNING or TEMP BAN depending on the severity of the situation.

Unless there is a valid reason, reviving dead topics from over 20 days will result in a warning. Purposely bumping your own thread to bring it back from the grave will result in a WARNING. Purposely reviving a bunch of old threads from the last page to the first will result in a WARNING/WARNINGS.
Valid reasons for bumping include : because you have some sort of question similar to the topic [that you couldn't find in any other topic after searching],
wish that there could be more info about the topic, or perhaps you are updating the topic with new info, if your post is better suited there, rather than making a new thread that does not have very much of a purpose.

Do not constantly insult or torment another forum member. Appropriate action will be taken.

Promoting Hacks/Hacking
Do not brag about your hacks. No one cares. If someone provides a legitimate screenshot of you hacking, you will be warned.

Illegal Discussion
Do not discuss cracking programs or applications, selling/buying NX, buying/selling/trading MapleStory or other game accounts, or anything that is illegal in real life.

Disrespect of Authority
If you do not like the way things are run here, by all means leave. Disrespect of authority will not be tolerated, and will result in a WARNING, TEMP BAN, or PERMANENT BAN. You should also keep in mind that Moderators/Administrators may, at their discretion, ban you at any time from a range of one day to permanently. However, this will not happen without good reason or consultation from other staff first.

Ban Evasion
In most cases, if you are permanently banned, you are not welcomed back. Creating another account will result in another permanent ban. If you are temp banned, wait until the ban is over. Creating a new account to return will result in a temporary ban on your old account, along with a permanent ban on the new one[s]. Also, using someone else's account or having them post for you will risk their account to be banned as well; don't do it, as you shouldn't be sharing your account with anyone or giving out your password in the first place anyway. If you wish to appeal your warn, discuss it with an Administrator.

If you edit a post, be sure that you either leave the reason why you edited it, and/or that it does not break any rules after editing and is still a valid post.

While we understand that users may desire to speak in their native language or a language other than English, this forum is mainly geared towards users who know English. If you still desire to post in a language other than English, you must have a somewhat accurate translation or explanation of what you said in English somewhere else in the post.

Thread Titles
Do not spam a character like
@@@@@@@@' or '------------' in it to attract attention. It is unnecessary, may stretch out the borders, and may result in a warning for you.

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Forum Guidelines
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