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 Kill Stealing...

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Name : Neal
IGN : SpikeAi
Job : Bow Master
Level : 151
Number of posts : 737
Registration date : 2008-04-21

PostSubject: Kill Stealing...   Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:42 pm

So we pretty much all know what KSing is "Kill

But is KSing ever acceptable? Here
are some of my thoughts, as a definition. Joe is KSing Bob when Bob has
been training in a specific spot for a while now. Joe comes in begins to
kill the mobs around Bob enough to reduce Bobs training effectiveness. Now bob will have to suffer a large inconvenience
to get the same training situation in another channel.

The reason I bring this up is because I think the line between KSing and Not
KSing can be thin at times.

So here are some obvious KSing situations.
1) A player of similar strength purposely follows someone around attempting to
Kill everything they kill. (worst kind)
2) In a small map such as Hoodos another player enters the map, and even though
someone is already there attacking the monsters they start attacking them too.

Do you think there are any KS free areas?
1) For example HHG1, If I ever want to go kill stuff at HHG1 just to blow off
time or to help a newb friend then getting in other peoples way is
unavoidable. But can someone really claim an area at HHG1 as their
personal training space? If this is
KSing then it means I am not allowed to kill mobs at HHG1 for more than
10seconds ever again.

2) This happened to me on one of my newbs, I was killing stuff at Ant
Tunnel 1 in channel 1 and as I moved around the map there were naturally maybe
a dozen people training there. One guy snapped out for me to cc.
But kind of like the HHG scenario isn't training at Ant Tunnel 1 in channel 1
like asking for lots of interaction with other players. The map is too
large to ever control all at once and it will probably never be completely
empty so can a person have rights to a certain area?

So I think for unpopular or huge training areas. Channel 1 is free for
all as long as changing channels doesn't require you to make a long walk.
To me it just makes since that if you want to be left alone while training donít'
do it in channel 1 when there are easily 15 free channels.

So of course all this brings up the reoccurring question of
map ownership or area ownership, how do you own a map and are there areas that
are public domain?
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Name : (specify a nickname)
IGN : SashiFist
Job : BRAWLER!!!!
Level : 4x
Number of posts : 866
Registration date : 2007-06-21

PostSubject: Re: Kill Stealing...   Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:15 pm

sweet info

*off toic* how does ur avatar do that!!
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Name : Neal
IGN : SpikeAi
Job : Bow Master
Level : 151
Number of posts : 737
Registration date : 2008-04-21

PostSubject: Re: Kill Stealing...   Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:33 pm

Sashi wrote:
sweet info

*off toic* how does ur avatar do that!!

Ha, it took me a little while to figure out how to do it once I decided thats what i wanted to do. Anyways...

Techinically my avatar is part of my mood and my real avatar is just a 1x96 transparent image there only to take up design space.

What I did was put html in my mood to show an image. Then using CSS properties I changed the style so that the image position is absolute and the top margin is a negitive value.

Absolute possition caused the image to not take up any space in the page layout and to be on top basicly.
The negitive top margin caused the image to be shifted up that many pixels so it was located over the place designated for my avatar.
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Name : Rose (Rosie ~ by a few ppl)
IGN : SerrasAngels / RoseVenom / RancorRose / RamblinRose
Job : Bishop / FP Mage / Hermit / Ranger
Level : 16x / 13x / 10x / 10x
Number of posts : 524
Registration date : 2007-12-07
Mood : Home Sick

PostSubject: Re: Kill Stealing...   Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:52 am

I agree, if you want to be left alone, dont go to channel 1.

KSing will occur in both HHG1 and Ant Tunnel...in any channel. Both maps are good for training for sooooo many chars and both have a number of quests that require the drops from the monsters (including the LONG 999 quests).

At HHG1, by its very nature you will be ksed as some point and will ks someone at another, it is unavoidable...now I do have one exception to that, if it is an off hour and there are like maybe 2 or 3 people in the map (including yourself). Then there is no reason anyone should have to be ksing...finding an open spot in that map, or on a channel shouldnt be difficult.

Ant Tunnel room 1, other channels, unless it is a busy time (say 4~7 PM PST or the weekend), I dont think there should be much ksing there since it is such a huge map. The problem with that map is many dont want to kill in the middle section, or they want a particular part of the map and start ksing that spot. One person can not control that huge map, so therefore other people will come and kill there, and unfortunately, some will ks there too.

As for public domain...HHG1 is the only one I can think of atm. Most other places where ksing occurs are because the map is popular, for some reason or another (completing quests, training, good drops/exp, close to a pq spot, etc) or the map is so huge that one or two people can not control it themselves. I believe ksing happens there because the map is popular for whatever reason, and some people think it is ok to ks others and try to steal their spot/map. Pigs Beach, for example, is a huge map and therefore shouldnt have a lot of ksing there since there are soooo many channels and 3~4 people can easily share that map (depending on class and lvl of the chars there), but some people cant share very well.

I think HHG1 is the exception to those maps and is Public Domain because it is the begining spot for all chars, and is popular for higher lvl chars too after they do a job adv because they want to play with their new skills. Too many monsters split up so evenly with straight platforms for the monsters, hay bails and ropes to escape to when needed, and tons of people killing which makes the respawn rate great for training for all platforms in the map. Unless you really dont like strangers or you have a higher lvl friend to help or you really are a noob and dont know about HHG1 yet, everyone starts off there because of those reasons.

Apparently I know nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: Kill Stealing...   

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Kill Stealing...
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